Stay True to Service.
My clients are some of the most dynamic people on the planet. They are dedicated to using their talents to assist others and living their purpose. It is sometimes difficult to know when one is veering off center when they are so empowered. If I see it, I will address it and it may not be peasant. It is difficult when the ego starts feeling empowered when one is living their dynamic purpose. When someone comes to me, It is my job to hold them accountable. There are streams of energy that people can project themselves through to accomplish goals. But they can also get caught up in them. We have all seen good people start in a career of politics or entertainment and have watched their inner light be snuffed out on the way to fame. I keep my clients honest. One dynamic client is a life coach. She is on the top of her game. She is getting great acknowledgment a validation but was just starting to get swept up in it. It is nothing that someone else would see. But being privy to Akashic Records, i could see a possible future where she would be slightly less attuned to listening to the needs of the those who come to her and more interested in her role. When dealing with ego, it is important to strip it away. The technique is sometimes brutal. It is the kindest thing to do for someone who wishes to truly serve,, but it does not feel good. It is vulnerable to lose layer of the ego. If I did not help this client now, yes she would be successful, be considered beautiful and dynamic but she wouldn't be quite on the mark as far as giving from a pure place. Here are some of the taps I led her through: (Say each statement 3 times out loud while tapping on your head and say it 4th time while tapping on your chest) "I release selling out, in all lifetimes" "I release choosing power over love; in all lifetimes" "I release choosing ego over Living my purpose; in all lifetimes" "I release being coerced by fame or fortune; in all lifetimes" "I make space in this world for organic love; in all lifetimes" "I remove all blockages to manifesting organic love; in all lifetimes" "I stretch my capacity to manifest organic love; in all lifetimes" "I serve from a pure place; in all lifetimes. There are so many dynamic polished people striving for the top if the heap. The public has become savvy to sincerity and lack of it. What sets a person apart from the others is forgoing the competition realm and giving to truly serve and empower others.
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