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Stay With Me Video
Hello there faithful Patrons and welcome to the end of October where cool things begin to happen because I am back home and the new album is RECORDED! 

It sounds so beautiful and I can't wait to put it out into the world - but first we have to do all the behind the scenes stuff and that takes a little while so until then I will just be over here doing a little dance because I can't believe it's all actually HAPPENING.

I'll write more about it some other time but, for now, it's onwards with making music that ISN'T the new album... Like this video.... Recorded on one little mic in my living room, filmed by my love, edited with love :) 

No mp3 with this one, as it's a cover song... but I did rope my awesome friend Kent Eastwood into singing/playing with me AND with your Patron bacon I am able to PAY HIM for doing so. My first Patron supported content that actually pays someone else to make music too.... this is momentous. 

A really cool thing happened, after the week recording the album, when I was saying to the guys ' just send me your invoices and I'll pay it straight away' where I realised i felt real gratitude for the fact that I could pay these (insanely talented) people with REAL money (as opposed to Monopoly money or beer or something) for doing something they loved. And I had been giving that money, to do something I love, by people who love receiving what I/we do. Lots of love in that sentence... did it make sense? The economy of music is strange, and there's often a lot of intangible value to what we give and what we receive as artists. But when you have the ability to actually give and receive tangible, touchable, spendable, real life money there's something that shifts - a kind of pride - in realising that you might actually be able to function effectively inside the 'real world' by doing something that lights you, and others, up. It's the best.

Love you Patron babes. Thankyou. x