Staying Strong
Somedays it feels like I am just courting one disaster after the next. It's as if I am rolling down a mountainside and every time I get a handle on a ledge the avalanche pushes me down again. This week my promotion (and subsequent raise that comes with a better job for me) was pushed back by at least three weeks). I missed a week of work due to system issues, only days after Kaylee also missed a week of work. I went through the panic attack of possibly having to move when our apartment complex changed management. I had internet outages once I was finally able to get back to work. I had to take my daughter to the urgent care, then I had to drive to Denver (45 min + one way), to get her meds, only to have to turn around and drive back the next morning. After all of that, my computer died. A DC port I had fixed just a few months ago is loose again and I can't afford to fix it. This will effect both my sanity, my income, and my schooling in very frustrating ways. If that wasn't enough, I might have Strep throat, if it isn't strep its pretty much just as painful, which is very bad for call center work. I have been so wrapped up in issue after issue that I have let this campaign fall to the wayside. Right now, I am hoping it will give me something to focus on that will help me handle my anxiety and struggles right now. I am feeling very tested lately and it would be so easy to just give in to the miserable knot that keeps trying to crawl up my throat. I need to remember that things can go right if you try hard enough. I need to demonstrate the fiery passion and resolute attitude that Diana taught me. Here soon we will be running a fun online gaming event to help us reach out for this campaign. Maybe some games are exactly what I need. Either way, we need to bring her home. Thanks to all of those who are helping with this struggle, please share and keep hope alive!