STCD Story update #60
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I was squinting at the picture trying to see what was Gwen was sure of, that the man who was in Danny's room messing with his computer was the gunman who tried to get us to quit the case. I sort of saw it. The jaw line was right anyway. That's when I noticed it. In the background, there was a mirror. In that mirror was the reflection of Danny and another man standing over him holding a gun to his head. The image was blurry, but I definitely recognized Danny by his hair. "Look," I said pointing at the image. 

"What's that?" Asked Gwen. 

"Our man less had a partner," I said. 

"Less is gone!" Said Hymie. "He cut out right after he saw you, didn't even clock out. I'm having someone go through the camera footage, looking for Less doing anything unusual."

"That figures," I said. "Look at this." I pointed out the two men in the mirror. 

"Is that man holding a gun?" Asked Hymie. 

"Can we get a closer look," Gwen said. 

Hymie enlarged the image. "That's no good, it's still blurry," I said.

"What do you want me to do?" Asked Hymie. 

"I don't know enhance it or something..." I said.

"Listen CSI," Said Hymie. "That's not how it works. I might be able to clean the image up in a few day's but there is no magic show us the bad guy's face button."

 "Wait..." I said sounding shocked. "T.V. is Fake?"

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