Steam AI Shoujo

Mar 17, 2020

For those still using this: new version available at 


Updated pack to include Preorder extras and clothing DLC from the japanese version as well as the illusion patch, so that you don't have to apply that as well... just extract to game dir, overwrite any files that conflict and you should be good for now :-)


Updated pack to a slightly newer uncensorselector. should improve uncensor problems experienced in main game


Oh my, let's get to it...

this is for those of you not following me on discord:

R4 mods won't work at this game, so went out on a limb, trying older packs... anything newer than R1.2 makes the game go highwire, so been poking at files from R1.2... 

If you're one of the happy souls that bought it on steam, here's uncensor at least: 

Most mods don't work, like at all... but at least the thing that annoyed most people during AIS launch, the lack of uncensor, isn't a problem now at least 

Current status is:
- Some mods from R1.2 and older works.
- Several key mods aren't working, need involvement from the modders that worked on the mods
- Sideloader mods works, but doesn't save properly due to lack of woring extsave
- Studio is borked, does not seem possible to just stitch it on without a mod bridging the two. Likely some change in abdata that I have yet to identify 

If you haven't bought the steam game, don't

The game seems to genuinely be v1.0.0 with no studio or DLC. Translation is good and there's a uploader that's split off from the japanese one, but that's it.. adding to that is that the game is carrying a hefty price tag... yeah, hard to recommend... you'd do better buying it at DMM.

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