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Patrons will gain access to patron only posts and will get input on patron only polls. Patrons will also be thanked by name in each monthly update piece and I will follow you on any social media account/s of your choosing.
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I will write a Q&A piece with up to 10 questions of the patron's choosing, Note that I am a pretty open book when it comes to these questions so the only ones I won't answer will be ones that I feel will cause someone active harm or that will enable illegal activity. So yes, that can even include perverted questions. 
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Patron will get you a private video chat with me via a service such as Skype or Discord (likely the latter since Skype is a piece of shit). The reason I have this as the most expensive category is because of my reclusive nature and that I only tend to have video calls in a select few instances with close friends. 
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