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Click here for Hunt and Snare's Steam page, if you add Hunt and Snare to your wishlist, it improves our position in queue and give more visibility to the game ^^

How Steam works with Hunt and Snare

Hunt and Snare will still be primarily developed through funding on Patreon. We do not expect Steam Early Access to be able to support the development itself (generally Early Access is just a fraction of a fraction of what full games can sell on Steam), but rather allow us to contract some work from outside (guest writers, additional artwork, sounds and music from a composer, and so forth), and allow patrons to get easier access to builds.

Our build releases will continue to be split up beginning with a Patreon build. Patreon builds will still be hosted like before, but will also be uploaded as a Steam “beta branch”. If you own the game on Steam and are a Patron, you will be able to use a “beta branch” password (that will be posted with the Patreon build post) to download the Patreon build through Steam. 

The Steam version will leave its “beta” state after no less than a week or two of testing and then become live to any Steam owners of the game. During that time we can continue polishing the build and receive feedback from Patreon supporters. Generally the testing period will only be extended past its minimum duration of a week if something is discovered that needs to be fixed. 

Raw explanation:

  • Patreon build: This will stay identical to how we currently share Patreon builds and will always be the most up to date version (including any changes made to the Steam “beta branch”). 
  • Patreon Steam “beta” build:  This is the Patreon build, but on Steam. When we post a new Patreon build, a Steam “beta branch password” will be provided on Patreon for anyone that owns the game on Steam to download the Patreon build through Steam instead. Downloading through Steam will be faster and require less data to be downloaded.
  • Steam build: After no less than a week or two of testing and bug fixing on the “beta branch”, the Patreon build will go live for all users that own the game on Steam.
  • Public build: This will stay identical to how we currently share public builds.

Accessing the newest Patreon release on Steam

Each Hunt and Snare Patreon release comes with a Steam “beta password”. This will allow you to download the Patreon release on Steam if you own the game on Steam. It is a fairly straightforward process.

Once you have bought Hunt and Snare on Steam, you can right click on the Hunt and Snare name in your 'LIBRARY', select 'Properties', click the 'BETAS' tab, paste the password into the 'Enter beta access code to unlock private betas' field, and then click 'Check Code'. If the code is correct, the drop down menu will now have the new Patreon build. Once selected, Steam will automatically update Hunt and Snare for you.

If you’re not in a rush to have the latest build as soon as possible on Steam or wish to opt out of the “beta”, you can also wait in the 'NONE' beta branch (it’s the default, if you haven’t ever changed it) and Hunt and Snare will automatically update once the Patreon build goes live for everyone who has a Steam version.

Raw explanation:

  • Right click on 'Hunt and Snare' in your Steam 'LIBRARY' and click Properties: This will open up a new dialog to change some settings related to Steam and Hunt and Snare.
  • Click the 'BETAS' tab on top of the Hunt and Snare properties: This will allow you to opt into specific Patreon builds on the day they’re released. You can also opt out of Hunt and Snare “beta” releases here, and just wait for the main Steam release(s).
  • Paste Steam “beta password” into the field and click 'CHECK CODE': The Steam “beta password” will be included in every new Patreon build post on Patreon.
  • Click on the drop down box and select the newest build: Steam will now switch your build to match the Patreon build you used the Steam “beta password” from.
  • To switch back to the main Steam build: Go to the same drop down box in the 'BETAS' tab, and select 'NONE'. Your build will now update automatically with the regular Steam releases.

Censoring on Steam

Hunt and Snare, is not censored anywhere in game. The version on Steam is just as uncensored and porny as the Patreon version.

There are no uncensor patches nor any fiddling with files required.

Raw explanation:

  • Steam build: The Steam build is fully uncensored.

Can I somehow hide what I'm playing on Steam?

Sadly not. This is a feature that has been requested by many over the years, but Valve hasn't allowed it. Maybe one day Valve will allow that on Steam, but today is not the day. Fear not!

For here is a solution and option!

You can create a new account on Steam for free, and then use that account to store your adult games (such as Hunt and Snare) hidden away from your family and friends! Steam allows you to quite easily switch between accounts, and purchase NSFW games on the safe account.

Changing between accounts, once you have your NSFW account, is done via the Steam Client and from the top menu. Click Steam and then Change Account... from the sub menu <3

Click here for Hunt and Snare's Steam page, if you add Hunt and Snare to your wishlist, it improves our position in queue and give more visibility to the game ^^

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