Steam Turbines and Electric Dynamos!

Back on Track and added finally a way to make Steam to Electricity within GT itself. :D

The Conversion of Steam to Rotational Energy is at a loss of 1/3rd, while the Conversion of Rotational Energy to Electricity has a loss of 1/4th. Multiply those losses together properly and you get an exact loss of 50% when converting Steam to Electricity (0.66... * 0.75 = 0.50 and no, there is no rounding loss, I don't use that kind of bad Maths)

Converters can withstand an overcharge (too large Input) for 5 seconds before exploding now, this should fix problematics of Steam Pipes in general and Chunk Reloading causing a temporary overload.

Also I fixed some transmission Issues of my Red Alloy, Lumium and Signalum Wires, so now that Stuff should work better. ^^

Link for convenience and as always, thank you all for your Support :3