Steampunk drawing

done with this weird lump of something that leaves a mark almost like pencil but there's not even one sharp point in it. so it was .. different :D 

I work with so many different mediums  and I refuse to not to do so.  I've heard that one should concentrate more and such.. but from my point of view.. it's just too boring to always do the same.. so I wont listen the people who say I should'n. 

and after all.. I think that the people who do follow seriously what I do.. like more to see more than just drawings.. or just paintings.. or just ceramics.. sure there's never two same kind of drawings either.. but.. yeah.. I get bored so easy.  :D

today I learned something.. I learned that the followers, watchers, and likes .. non of those matter. all that matter is that I make art and you people who really follow my doings and keep having conversations thank you for being awesome.