Steampunk Concept
Someday I will need to think of some new designs for outfits I might wear one day. Until then, there's this.
Tier Benefits
One Dollar
$1 or more per Comics, Illustrations, Paintings, Art. 18 patrons
Support each creation I make! You will be able to see the final version of every work, and have access to bonus content! This one buck level keeps costs low, especially if I post a lot of times in a month. (Always remember you can limit your donation per month! You will still see everything that's finished if you can only contribute one buck!) If you want to donate any other amount but have no special rewards, this is also the best section to choose!
Five Dollar
$5 or more per Comics, Illustrations, Paintings, Art. 15 patrons
I will endeavor to post at least one extra bonus, behind the scenes content, or occasional mailed postcard for you!
A Hundred Dollars
$100 or more per Comics, Illustrations, Paintings, Art. 1 of 5 patrons
I will let you see something I made before anyone else can! I will endeavor to show process work, videos when possible and the final project before I post it for other Patrons! I may also either send you something - probably an 8x10 print OR a print ready file, maybe something else like stickers! If not that, I will try to think of something just for you! Currently limited to 5 due to budgeting my ability, funding, and time. This level may expand as I gain more overall support!

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