Steff vs the Spindle
About a week ago in a Lrp field a friend put her drop spindle in my hands and let me have a go for myself, I was hot, I was wearing a full face prosthetic but I gave it a go. I liked it and ordered one for myself when I got home.

I got myself a kit from Etsy that came with some instructions and spindle, I went for the ones with a hooky bit at the top as I couldn't see the difference between the hooky bit at the bottom and the hooky bit at the top.

I was instantly amazed by how quickly I could pick up the ability to make wool in this way, literally I maybe had a half hour of confused fluff poking and I was away. I know I cannot knit but the fact I could just sit and wiggle the thing and I made wool was reward enough for me.


When it came to removing the wool from the spindle it was another adventure, there I am with a spindle full of noodles of fluff that have now become wool. What next? I watched a dozen youtube videos before finally I got the hang of it. Most important thing I found was tieing string around the wool so it doesnt get tangled up...

But you know what the best part of this process is?

The name given to the thingy you unwind your wool around, its called a 'Niddy Noddy' - No really - that is what they are called. Although you can buy them, my housemate helped me make one for myself out of the side of a shoe rack we had in the house.

And thats it really: Ive since gone and found myself some sheep's wool to play with next and my plans now are to get better and to make enough wool to perhaps host a contest at Empire Lrp, possibly next year.