Stella was a Diver
Back when I was much, much younger I learned to play guitar - I wasn't excellent or anything, but I loved my Strat and my acoustic, and I miss them terribly. Moving away early in life and leaving things behind meant those were things I had hoped to be reunited with someday, but that wasn't the case. Eventually over time this beauty came into BB's and my life through his brother (who makes excellent music) and an acoustic through a close friend. Funny enough, this shade of green, and this look, is one I wrote about having in my preteens and teens. I used to dream about this damn guitar.

When my hands fell apart, I thought I'd never be able to try playing again.

I just dusted this baby off, and when I went to take a picture Bush's "Swim" came on.

So I'll be trying to reteach my hands how to do chords later <3