Stellar Interface, new free DLC!
You guys ask we deliver, there has been some talks in our discord server (click on join) about having official game desktop wallpapers, so our designer went and made a bunch for each different scenario in the game, you can download them for free today on Steam just download the Stellar Interface - Murum Charta!

Next week we will have another awesome surprise for you guys so, stay tuned!

You can get the game on Steam or Xbox (Windows Store).



[New] Lost Eagle.
[Improvement] Cartridges drops on endless frequency.
[Improvement] Weapon drops on Endless.
[Fixed] Issue that prevented the game to clear the software/consumables at run end.
[Fixed] Activating Consumables on pause menu.
[Fixed] Invulnerability issue.
[Fixed] Fixed issue that enabled the spacecraft to get out of the screen when using Cloak and Shield.
[Fixed] Homunculus Boss issue with Y2K.
[Fixed] DLC spacecrafts one shotting everything the first time they game opened after DLC purchase.
[Fixed] Issue that allowed players to move Hober Mallow