Stellaris Comic - Cherryh Armies
I think I'm done. For the context, in the next "Cherryh" update, assault armies won't be able to defend planets. Which might lead to a rather silly situation like this. Here's the last dev diary where Wiz explained it. I doubt that'll happen very often, but it bugs me that they try to fix a UI issue by changing the actual mechanics.

I've recorded drawing the whole thing and will edit the timelapse now. If you think anything should be changed, you have about 6 hours to tell me.

Also, I sketched a RimWorld comic based on my actual old campaign. It would be ridiculously long, like 5 times this one, so I'll try to either edit it down or use a more minimalistic style (which would fit Rimworld).

In the meantime I might do a shorter 3-panel Stellaris comic. About syncretic evolution.

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