Stellaris Mods: Progress Updates!
Braaaaains! `(๑ △ ๑)`*

This month's progress report is going to be a bit brief. While there is a lot I wanted to talk about, I caught the zombie virus or something earlier this week so it will have to wait until I can focus again ._.

The Asari Civilisation

A while ago we noticed that we got asari propulsion wrong. Or, for that matter, everyone got it wrong, including Bioware when they first made the Destiny Ascension model for ME1. Since then, the ME1 DA has been the first thing that comes to mind when asari ships are brought up.

But what a lot of people don't know, including ourselves until recently, is that Bioware reworked the asari design in ME3. Adding, among other things, what looks to be thrusters:

So now we're in the process of incorporating them into our asari designs as well n_n

In addition, Nessa is working on a completely new Destiny Ascension model (based on the ME3 version) which will serve as the default Titan model. No pictures yet but I can't wait to show it to you!

Aside from that, we're planning to add the new ships and stations added by Cherryh and Apocalypse (Colossus, Ion Cannon, Starbase) to the shipset as soon as possible!

And lastly, the long-promised AI personalities are also coming soon. As with everything else, we're waiting until after Cherryh comes out to finalise the implementation.

Elves of Stellaris

In addition to the upcoming Lhuren - Space Elf China - Nessa Shipyards has been hard at work making ships for the Drow! After a bit of trial and error and several changes of heart we believe we've finally arrived at a design worthy of them n_n But don't just take my word for it!

And this concludes today's report, I'm sorry it wasn't much but I hope I can make up for it once I'm back in action n_n In the coming days we'll talk more about Omega and improvements to Patreon as well as the future of Unannounced Projects!

But for now, I'll use my magical girl powers to transform into a bed-burrito and hopefully not develop an appetite for brains! n_n

Until then, have fun playing! <3