Step 8 for YouTube Optimization
 Step 8 of 9 steps to fully optimize your video on YouTube. It is important that you are able to secure your audiences full attention! Want this done for you? Connect with us now!

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Hey! Taylor here with Financial Potion! Where we believe video is the potion to relive business owners from their financial worries. Step eight for the nine steps to fully optimize your videos on YouTube is to add your videos into playlists.

Whenever your videos are organized in playlists, people are more likely to watch more of your content. Below the social post is where you can add your videos to playlists, and create playlists while your first uploading. Place a video in as many playlists as it's related to. This way when a contact asks for information or one of your videos, you can send the link into the video in the playlist. To edit your playlist, you can access them all by going to your creator studio, video manager, and then playlist.

That is a simple step eight for the nine steps to fully optimize your videos on YouTube. Make sure not to miss next week when we conclude, the nine steps to fully optimize your videos on YouTube. Please leave in the comments below what you've thought about this series, and what information you would like to see next. Connect with us on Patreon for more assistance and training, and as always, stay engaging.

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