Step By Step How To Build A Wildlife Pond
In this episode of UK Here We Grow, Tony O'Neill shows you how to build a wildlife pond step by step. He gives you some excellent tips and tricks on creating a pond that will not only allow you to keep wildlife and fish together in harmony, but will also show you how to keep them safe from herons, cats and other predators. 

Utilising pond underlay and a pond liner Tony O'Neill creates a love habitat for all wildlife, bringing them onto the allotment which will help him with his quest to remain organic.

A pond will help provide an ideal place for frogs and birds all of which will help you combat the slugs and snails found around the garden.

During this video, you will see Tony using the Wilkinson Sword Border Spade and Border Fork. He uses these tools as they are smaller than a normal spade and fork and allow him to mould and form the pond in much better detail.

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