Step-Family House
Place from a dream I had last night. Dream below!

I dreamed I was watching an animated remake of Cinderella where she actually got along with her step-family and they lived in this house in the "Forest of Winding Paths." She wanted to go to the ball for fun, even though her stepmother advised against it--in a pragmatic way. It would cost a lot and they'd probably get no benefit out of it. But she and her stepsisters went anyway, and--oh my! The prince fell in love with her. Her step-family was surprised and excited...but Cinderella found after a while that she didn't really feel the same way about the prince. So there was a song segment where she and the prince are doing all sorts of cute couple things like swinging together and going boating and her step-family doing wedding planning...and she's just singing about not actually being in love and what had she gotten herself into.