Stepping back down to 7 videos/week
Hi, folks. I've been really good about having 10 to 14 videos per week recently, but I'm taking on some new time-intensive obligations starting this week. I could push myself hard to keep the channel going at its current rate, but not without sacrificing sleep and sanity, so I unfortunately really need to step the schedule down to one video per day. This wasn't an easy decision to make, but it's the only practical way to avoid burnout.

My planned weekly schedule is:

Sunday: EU4

Monday: EU4

Tuesday: (other game)

Wednesday: EU4

Thursday: (other game)

Friday: EU4

Saturday: (other game)

This Thursday marks the first day of the new schedule. I just started "This War of Mine" and recorded seven episodes today, so that game will be filling the T-H-Sa slots for the next few weeks. Ulm will continue on Su-M-W-F every week.

Some other new games that may fill T-H-Sa slots in the future:

The Long Dark

The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

Euro Truck Simulator 2(?)


Some old games that may fill the slot sometimes:

Out There

Kerbal Space Program

I plan to post an announcement video about this in the near future...

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