STEPS for creative wellness
Dear Makers and Creatives,

This week, with loads of writing and art-ing going on, I was reminded how little aches and tweaks can develop into big pains and stiffness. Especially in the colder, winter months. So, today, I thought I'd take a quick sec to share one old and one new creative wellness trick. Remember, taking a few minutes of every hour to get up, stretch, and move in whatever way makes you smile benefits you AND your creative work.

As always, be well.

Wash Your Hands

Fingers, hands, and wrists get crimped and stiff while gripping craft and art tools or with repetitive motions like typing. Getting circulation back into them just takes a trip to the sink. There, suds up under warm water, turn off the faucet, and rub-rub-rub fingers, pads, and wrists for 30-45 seconds. Back under a stream of warm water, rinse and rub for another 30-45 seconds. Both the warmth and the massage will refresh your hands. Bonus? The sound of water soothes. Finish with a squirt of lotion and a smidge more rubbing.

Walk Your Hands Up the Wall

Both hands and shoulders get involved when we stand at an easel or lean (or roll, slouching) over our work. Relieving the tension from fingertips to low back just requires a walk to the wall. There, place your fingertips on the wall at about stomach level. Then spider-walk them up the wall. As your hands walk slowly higher, step closer to the wall to allow your fingers, arms, shoulders, and back (even your neck) to stretch and release.