Steve Fox Complete Breakdown and other January content
Hello everyone, hope you're all well and had a very Happy New Year! Here's a quick update on upcoming content this month.

The Steve Fox tutorial won't be a part of the Essentials series. Instead it'll be a Complete Breakdown, similar to our comprehensive Jin guide:   

The release is penned for January 12th, along with another Complete Breakdown for an as of yet unnamed character on January 31st. There may also be a Character Overview video in between them for a game we haven't covered yet. Apologies for all the ambiguity, but we do like surprises :)

For now you check out the Steve script here:  

In the meantime I'll also work on a Commentary & Analysis video featuring Shaheen, which'll be out within the next few days. So all in all, a busy month!

Take care, and as ever a massive thanks for your ongoing support.