Steve Hudlow - Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
The first track I started working on, using the free digital audio workstation (DAW), called Ignite, that came with my first audio interface. 

It is a cover of bro-country star Luke Bryan's great country hit. I liked several things about this track: the sly, but wistful invitation to have one last thing before the break up, the way his vocal was constructed in the rapid fire verse just before the resolution of the verse, and Luke's expressive vocal inflections. 

Over the course of 2 years or so, I made all kinds of additions and experimentations with this song.  Most of those attempts are in this final mix: the sax solos, the vocoder-based guitar solo, the quitar solos,  the ending interlude. What had to be finally left out was the 4-part vocal 2/3rds of the way through the song that I did spontaneously one day 4 years ago.

What's left is a song with a very different feel than Luke Bryan's hit. And it kind of ends without the finality that Bryan's version did. 

All in all, it gave me a chance to learn some technology, to do some musical experimentation, and work on vocal issues. I'm glad to have finished it and let it stand on its own. 

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