Steve: An Ill-tempered dragon
Steve is one of my absolute dearest friends. I met him close to twenty years ago when I first started RPing. His character was a black dragon. While he could be considered a viking, or a barbarian, or several other characters... to me, he's always been that black dragon. However, he also has gold dragon tendencies. I could not help but laugh at this intro, even as I wrote it.

My dear friend is a mead loving, strong willed, highly opinionated computer genius. ;-) I think I caught most of those qualities in his intro.

Steve: An ill-tempered black dragon with gold tendencies

  “I can’t believe he’s taking the advice of that wretched, conniving, scraggly, whiny, squirrel-faced shrimp!”
The gruff voice made the winged woman look up from her book, and turn her head slightly. The man the voice belonged to had short cropped black hair, and tanned skin. He looked as though he was well equipped to start a fight with any dwarf – and win. And dwarves were not known to lose their brawls.
The dark-haired man was not walking towards her, but his voice certainly carried quite the distance. He had to be easily fifty feet away, but she heard his anger quite clearly. The brunette she assumed he was talking to, however, she could not hear.
“He certainly seems to be in a terrible mood,” the winged one said softly to her scaly familiar beside her. The green dragon – no more than two feet long at the present – curled his tail protectively around her wrist, and glared in the direction of the other.
“NO!” the gruff voice screamed out again. Something had to have disrupted his perfection of life for him to be carrying on like that. “No king should ever act in that manner! It’s just not… not… KINGLY!”
She giggled at those words up until the man turned to glare at her. The winged woman’s laugh stopped quickly in her throat.
“The hell are you laughing at?!” the voice turned on her.
Her wings fluttered in shock. She tried to look away unnoticed. The dragon at her side hissed fiercely.
“YOU THINK I DIDN’T HEAR YOU LAUGHING AT—“ that was as far as he got before the brunette stopped his words with a touch to his arm. Somehow, she calmed him with just that touch.
~A black.~ she heard the hissed words in her head. The woman looked at her dragon.
~A black… dragon?~ she asked, hoping it was not true.
~Yes…~ came the hissed reply. ~We should leave.~
~I… I agree.~
Several other loud expletives roared out behind her, but the winged woman paid little heed to them as she rose to her feet and quickly shuffled away. She did not want to get in to a fight with a dragon – let along a black one! – simply because his choice of words was quite under par for humans. She supposed, however, that it might be just right for an ill-tempered, hot-headed, young black dragon