Steve Rogers Is Trans

Welcome to Is Trans the series that at least makes more sense then long time Nazi puncher secretly being a Nazi their whole life. Time to grab a shield, an american flag and a lot of testosterone cuz Steve Rogers is a trans man. I’ve went through the shield databases, read every comic ever made, ever including in the future, traveled through every reality and found the objective truth of Steve Rogers. Now Steve told me it’s okay to tell you all so I am not outing this fictional character, he wants me to share all the hints he’s been dropping. 

First off Steve Rogers before his transition is very short, people think he is weak, he is very small figured. You know who is short, very often trans men. Now #NotAllShortPeople are trans but #SomeTransMen are. Steve Rogers happens to fall under #SomeTransMen given that he is objectively and factually a trans man. His shortness is just one of the clear indicators that he is indeed a trans man with a trans plan. 

Not allowed to serve in the military at first. In World War 2 America didn’t allow “women” in the military but they took any able bodied cis man they could. Steve not being able to serve for combat clearly was cuz his trans identity. Whatever excuse they said was the person at the front desk being super progressive in their transphobic rejection.  He was like bro, I see you as a bro so I’ll just say bro that bro you can’t do this bro, sorry bro. Steve obviously doesn’t take it and finds the amount of uses of bro to be appalling but it was a different time in America, a really racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic time...oh wait.,..that’s exactly like now Steve you gotta do better. 

Then there is the super solider serum or should I say super HRT serum. Looking at the film, the apparently only canon Steve Rogers given currently Nazi steve is a thing in the comics cuz Nick Spencer is the worst person in comics (at least up there)...Oh I got off topic. Anyway movie cap’s transition was very clearly a transition, go into a device, get big buff, totally fresh. It fast acts the body replacing all the E with T and then gives you a work out. The serum is really awesome and we really need to get our trans man for it. The reason it only worked on Steve is cuz Steve is a trans man, it clearly only works on the best men and the best men are trans men. . 

Steve Rogers is good, fun fact no cis/het man are good, sorry if you are a cis/het man maybe consider getting that fixed. To be so good, so pure and have that much privilege, you gotta be a trans man. Clearly Steve as a bi trans man knows many struggles and can there for elevate himself around the other privileged people like Nick Spencer.  What I am really saying is Steve Rogers is freaking good, he is the kind of jump in front a bullet for a stranger kind of guy. Too good, too pure, an American I can get behind. 

It’s all there, the proofs been laid out and you can now use this piece as evidence that Steve Rogers is trans. Feel free to tweet old Nicky Nick that Steve is trans but I would never want him to write that since he is an awful human. I hope you enjoyed this piece unless you're a bigot then I guess I hope you hated it.  Who do you want to see next or the next after the next cuz the next is maybe done before you get a chance to vote for next, anyway next post?