Steven Hauschka in coffee: process

So, I pretty much can't believe I actually finished this. I'm going to a Golf tournament fundraising event today, that I was invited to on Thursday, where Steven Hauschka (kicker for the Seattle Seahawks) is supposed to be playing. He's one of my mom's favorite players and she subtly (read as "not subtle at all") suggested I paint a coffee portrait for him. That gave me three days and change to work on it, meaning I had to do all of the following things to get it done: find suitable reference photo, crop photo to desired area, print photo, trim it, fold for grid lines, [luckily already had paper ready to go], sketch the portrait, ink it, erase all pencil, paint, photograph, scan painting, trim painting, and pack it up. I usually spend about three days (off and on) for a portrait (start to finish) so this was already going to be tough, but then it seemed Murphy's Law decided to remind me it existed with a vengeance. 

 First, the power went out Thursday night and didn't come back until about midday Friday. (I didn't sleep much that night after already not sleeping much the night before.) Then I injured my foot Friday morning which irritated me all through Saturday. Managed to find a reference photo, got it cropped, printed, trimmed, and folded Saturday amidst the distracting pain, which left me with Sunday to complete the portrait. Also discovered I was out of the coffee I needed late Sunday, but luckily early enough to buy some more. I haven't done a coffee portrait in that amount of time since the very first one and when I look at that one now, I'm unsatisfied, so needless to say, I was worried about this one.

In the end, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out and I can't believe I finished it! Of course, I didn't get much sleep, but when I go out I never do, so I guess I'm par for the course on that one. (Golf joke since I'm going to a golf tournament...I must be delirious.) 

I hope you all enjoy the process sideshow! 

<3 d