Something I have been hinting at a few times; is my long time wish, to try and reconstruct the seiðr ritual of the spåkone Þorbjörg Lítilvölva from the saga of Eric the Red. 

Planning includes reconstruction of the meal Þorbjörg was served prior to the ritual, and gathering of ingredients for the stew is hereby underway!

The plan is to use the heart of an lamb (seen in the photo), goat, pig, duck, turkey, rabbit and hopefully an ox too.

All the hearts will be pulled from the animals by myself, to be used in what hopefully will be an exciting example of an offering meal, based on deeply rooted mythical literature.  

Only, opposed Þorbjörg, who where given the meal as an offering before her ritual; I plan on offering this to myself. 


(more updates to come..)

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