Dear Monkeys,

This video is a ***FREEBIE***!

I just wanted to have a little fun, so this one is on the house. Hope you still dig it. As always I've put your names in the credits. Thanks for being a loyal patron. 

-Kevin Cook


Video description:

You saw it here first, folks. China's MOST INTENSE street food battle is underway in Qingyan Ancient Town. Two neighbor shops selling stewed pig feet will vie for GLORY! ...but who will win?

This video was filmed in the Spring of 2017 in Guizhou Province, Qingyan Ancient Town (near Guiyang, the capital city). Stewed pig foot is a local specialty in this area, and dozens of shops sell it in this small ancient community.

You may ask yourself, 'Why would I want to watch two Chinese pig feet vendors compete with each other?'

Answer: To witness what will INEVITABLY go down in HISTORY as one of the most EPIC culinary clashes EVER. 

Music: Kevin Macleod


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