The Stick Thing
My most recent art project has been fully open and available to the public. You just have to know where to look.

or (I'll add you as a friend, IDGAF)

I'm working on adding this into my regular social media rotation, so check this space for more info on live streaming art shows. There will also be Stealth shows that don't get pre-announced. When I turn the camera on, I send out the URL to the sites above, if you're lucky, you catch it. If not, wait a couple of days and I may post a video of it publicly. But you never know when a Stealth video will go straight into the Patron's Vault. Best bet you have (and I live in Las Vegas, I know from a good bet) is to subscribe to one of my four tiers. A buck a day (not the deer, that could be prohibitively expensive and awkward to ship), could make a huge difference in my Ego's fragile life, and give you something different to watch that hasn't gone viral and is being watched by every bloody hipster on the buggery West Coast. 

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