Stickers and Let's Play With Each Other!
Happy February everyone!  As we announced over the weekend, we've got fun new rewards that we're offering at the $1 and $10 tiers.

To ALL of our Patrons, make sure you update your info with your current address if you haven't already done so.  That way we can mail out your set of four stickers!  Anyone a Patron prior to February 1st will have their stickers mailed out next week.  New Patrons can expect their stickers mailed after the first payment clears!

To our Patrons at the $10 and up tier, we're excited to announce the date of the very first Let's Play With Each Other!  This Saturday at 4:30 PM, join Chad and me as we play Mario Kart 8 with each other.  You'll be invited to a private DK Vine room as we all play the game and talk to each other over Skype, broadcasting the whole experience on Twitch along the way.  Episodes will then be uploaded to YouTube.  Be part of DK Vine history!