#stickfiguresunday - Herding the To-Doodles
Today's #stickfiguresunday is about wrangling all those demanding tasks! <br><br>It can be overwhelming trying to prioritize, especially when they're each related to different (and sometimes equally important) parts of your life. <br><br>Figuring out how to herd those to-doodles into some kind of manageable order is a critical part of sustainable self-care. <br><br>So, first, take a deep breath. You're not a failure! Life is complicated and when we're marginalized or struggling in any way, it gets even more complicated. You're not foolish or ridiculous for not knowing what to do next. You're not just being dramatic! <br><br>It truly is sometimes an unwinnable battle. There sometimes are no right answers! If everything is at the top of the list, but you can only do one thing at a time - phew! That's hard!<br><br>So, take a moment. Take a look at all those to-doodles bouncing around like popcorn in your mind. If you can, laugh. It truly is ridiculous, the way we end up being forced to balance so many different needs and obligations. <br><br>And then tackle them one or two at a time. <br><br>As G. Willow Wilson says, there is not always a way out but there is always a way forward. <br><br>So, just take that next step. Trust yourself. You've got this!<br><br>Image description: On the right, a Stick Figure holds their head in their hands while various shapes bounce around them saying 'me!' On the left, a Stick Figure sits with the starburst shape in their hand and says 'one at a time, friends!' Text at the bottom reads 'Herding the To-Doodles' and there is a small Tiffany Sostar logo in the bottom left.
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