Been busy and mentally swamped over the last little bit, but I'm still here!

Con season just ended with Jet City Comic Show on November 5-6. With that out of the way, and getting some personal things sorted out, I should be getting back to the drawing board within the next week, though expect some spottiness as we head into Thanksgiving. It's quite common for the Murd's to travel about to see all of the family and friends.

Meanwhile, 2016 marks not only the most conventions we have done in a year, but also the first year in which we managed to break even at every con! Admittedly, it was Alex with her fine art (porn!) that raked in the dough, but Ezra was not ignored! I just need to work on my sales pitch and "grab the eye," as they say.

One more bit. The above is the first page thumbs! Yay!

Well, take care and ciao for now folks!