Okay, I said that like... forever ago. But seriously! Still here!

A looooot has happened. Like for starts I started a collection of COPICS! YES! COPICS! omg colors. I currently own 70 copics! That's sounds like a lot but seriously.. that's not enough. I need moooore! I need the RAINBOW!! O.O

But on a more aduliter note, we were also attempting to home school my 5 year old daughter and I was so excited to be a super active mom and work on that school every day wooo so exciting!!

.... Okay yeah so, that didn't work out very well. lol I don't think my girl or I were happy with the school at home thing but we worked really hard to make it work. We were originally going to finish this year out with her home schooling through Connection Academy's online public school, but it wasn't fun for either of us.. Hoo boy am I glad that's over though! She is having SO much fun going to a physical school with other kids and I have been able to get some much stuff DONE! Like.. seriously. Stuff. o.o

ANYHOW! I finally finished my MizzyKit chibi! I am actually rather content with how she came out. I think even better then my Jack and Lily!! I have another chibi idea for a spider Mistress, and I hope she'll be EVEN BETETR!

Stay tuned and do some stuff!! ^,.,^ 

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