Still here, still here!
Dear lovely friends and patrons, I'm very sorry for my long absence from Patreon, and for the delay in getting your mail rewards to you. These past months I've been caught in a pretty awful depressive spiral, and last June-July that angled sharply downward. But I'm still here, and I'm glad for that fact. I'm still here, which is no small thing, and I am working on catching up to everything that has fallen by the wayside while I've been occupied with the task of marshaling all my energies to stay alive, to keep going. I have also been creating art, albeit not as much as I would like (when is it ever as much as one would like, though? I think even if I did art twelve hours a day, I'd still want to do more!). I finished two painting commissions recently -- one a massive (1.07 m x 0.67 m) watercolor + gouache + acrylic piece in baybayin calligraphy, a tiny detail of which you'll see here! I've started working on more illustrations based on Philippine mythology, I'm doing two cover commissions, I've laid the groundwork for my next acrylic painting... and oh, I've done the pencils and script for quite a few of those one-page comics I owe you. And, also related to art because I view my fiction and my poetry as art as well -- I've gotten a couple of acceptances for poems, which is wonderful (cannot wait to share them with you!) and I'm working on polishing a steampunk story (set in a Philippine AU!) for eventual submission. Lots of work, but not much I've shown, just yet. I apologize I've been very quiet about it -- one of the symptoms of my depression is massively increased difficulty with communication -- and I'll try to do better this month. In the meantime, I wanted to (apart from letting you know I'm still here!) thank you for your continued support. Thank you so, so much for being here. You know when there are mornings that are gray and cold and clotted with pain, and you wonder how you'll get through the day? --Those mornings I have to think of things that sustain me, just so I have the strength to sit up, and this is one of the things that first comes to mind. So thank you, very very much.
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