Still Setting Up
I'm new to this and still figuring out how to get this going. Contributions will be greatly appreciated and will ultimately help me provide better content. More importantly, I'd like to make Youtube videos far more often even than I did before, but unfortunately it isn't possible. If I play the waiting game and receive monetary support of the kind I just can't get out in the 'real world', I should eventually come to a point where I can focus most of my efforts on creating all sorts of online content. That's my ultimate goal. 

To be frank, I am rather apprehensive about setting up a Patreon and I don't expect everyone who enjoys my content to donate. It was never my intent to monetize my account (although I wouldn't have been opposed to the idea but Youtube made that a non-option) but, the world being what it is, I may soon have to re-direct all of my energies towards surviving which means neglecting my online content.