Still Thinking About It
Obviously Terminator Genisys is still rattling around in my brain; anything on which I focus for that long will have some staying power.  One of the last things I wrote there was the idea that the new hero in the series could be Sarah and Kyle's second child, and that got me thinking about what kind of story would make for an exciting next film.  I've floated a few ideas for that in mark Joseph "young" web log post #28:  A Terminator Vision.  I had done something similar in the original Terminator analysis, but despite some similarities between my suggestions and what happened I don't think anyone paid any attention.  We'll see what people think this time.

I have also uploaded Verse Three, Chapter One:  The First Multiverser Novel; Chapter 33, Slade 11, as Bob manages to get Filp to teach him a bit about being a thief.  There are a lot of little bits that I like about this one.