Still working on it!
So I've suddenly come to the conclusion today that fighting with wordpress to get this site up and running is a glorious waste of time.

I've recently been looking into other comic hosting sites, like Keenspace back in the day.  I've recently started messing around with Comic Fury.  I might just post it there.

If not, I'll be posting it somewhere else so I can at least start working on the actual comic, and not fighting with the site.  (I can work on the site in my free time while the comic updates elsewhere).  It'll still be publicly available! It just won't be hosted on my site to start.

Anyway, Just wanted to let you guys know what was  going on.  I've got some sketches to do of Issue 1's main character, who I have been calling Justin Trouble.  I know, it's a horrible name.  But I might keep it, because why not?

Just a reminder that we do have forums up for this, and I'd like some input from writers of what guidelines and rules they think they might need in order to send in comic scripts.

There will be some growing pains with this project so I really appreciate all your patience!



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