Stilla Maris: sketch 1
Under water...

A lot of times I find myself drawing girls that are floating freely, mostly under water. It feels like a completely other world where you experience things so differently. I love water. I used to live near the sea in the south of the Netherlands. In Zoutelande, which means "Salty Land". 

I would draw mermaids when I was younger and I keep a lot of under water pictures, I think what pulls me towards these pictures are

- the movement of floating hair. 

- Fabric that is folding beautifully under water. 

- the mysterious vibe, under water things are less clear. 

- fishes and plants. 

In this sketch I've used: 

  • Pentel 0.2 mm leads.
  • Koh-I-Noor pencil (the thick black pencil in the picture)
  • Arches hotpress watercolor paper. 
  • Pentel with 0.5 mm lead. 

The first lines, I've sketched with 0.2 mm lead because as I mentioned before, if the paper is not super smooth, it will smudge easily and light lines are easier as a starting point. I've used the Koh-I-Noor for the bigger black areas, but it had something hard in the lead, so somehow I was scratching the paper (as you can see in the image) I mostly use a kneadable eraser for highlights in the hair or if I want to change some things.