Stilla Maris: Sketch 2

Now I recently found out what my name means.... or where it  comes from. Probably my surprise! It comes from; Maria.  'Stilla Maris' which means 'drop of the sea'... (I thought Stilla Maris  sounds so nice) 'well-formed' and clean/beautiful. But I also found  another meaning... 'bitter sad sea', that's a little bit less optimistic, but it did inspire me for this drawing.  

Did you ever try to find the meaning of your name? And did you find any  interesting things?

You can see my reference later, but I can already share my thoughts for this one...


I wanted to make her hair really dark so it has a lot of contrast with her face. In my sketchbook I often times use ballpoint ink and would be great to use here, but I'm afraid that it will disappear in sunlight, so I just use graphite. Perhaps I'm going to use some Faber-Castell Pitt artist pens, because they have maximum light fast Indian Ink, so I don't have to worry about fading. 


Her body and clothes are not finished yet, but the crop is interesting to me and I'm often times looking for interesting poses. For example here, I like the fact that her leg is just a little bit visual, but you can still understand that she is 'falling' or that her leg is 'up in the air'...something like that. :)


I like the idea of her hand on her hart, like she is glowing or bleeding, it can be both.. Sometimes I don't know why I draw what I draw, but I like that it became a center point because of the colour.