The Stone - Chapter II - The Mysterious Glow
Once sitting in front of my small desk I set out to try to decipher the strange language with which the stone was engraved. I turned on my computer in order to find some clue that would give me an explanation of where rock came from, its origin, its meaning, who, how or why that rock was there. Nothing. More confused and surprised every minute, since i did not find information about that, check, search and search hundreds of forums and online pages to find some information, but it seems that there were no records of the existence of that language, nothing that took Me somewhere, It only increased my curiosity and interest in discovering his story.

After several hours of searching the internet I decided that it was time to ask for help. I did not want to do it because if it was an interesting discovery it would be a personal achievement, which I did not want to share. But when I found myself in a dead end, I choose to communicate with a friend of mine, whom I accidentally met in a museum. His name was Astreos Collins. He was a recently graduated archaeologist, with a keen interest in ancient cultures. I thought I could help me to find more information on that stone that gave me so many questions.

I sent him a message commenting on my curious find and some additional information to keep him abreast of what I had already investigated. It takes me a surprise to see that it does not take time to respond and ask more questions. With a shared enthusiasm, I invited him to my house so that we could extend our investigation, after a little talk and define some details, I said goodbye to my new partner and turn off the computer.

With thousands of questions about my head and great expectations, I tried to fall asleep, was impossible, the emotion for a discovery, the seeing me in it increased my excitement and my hunger for knowledge. More awake than before, I get out of bed and go to the desk to get my hands back on that rock and try to find some clue or something that I would have overlooked, my eyes hurt from watching so much and after several minutes A Small blue flash caught my attention to the engraved letters, it was the second time I thought I had seen it, already with the intrigue of a second flash, take a magnifying glass and turn on the flashlight on the desk. It took me a surprise to realize that indeed a small, almost imperceptible blue glow sprang from the letters. Excited, I examined them one by one and I could see that the strange engraving with ores from which luminescence came out, was impacted, there was something inside that rock, so I carefully took a needle, the smallest I could find, And The introduction into the holes. Nothing happened, it was confused, the fact that there was no mark or residue of what was inside the rock, there was no trace on the needle.

The emotion seized me, I do not want to wait for Astreos. Determined, I take a hammer and hit the rock with all the force in my being, I wanted to know what was inside, but the blow did not hurt the stone, not a notch. Do not try to take a second strike, I think it's best to wait the next day. Suddenly I had a strange sensation, a soft and piercing smell, my head spinning, i cant stay on my feet, my arms did not react, my body remained motionless. Everything was silence, the silence of death, I felt my heart beating, I could almost say that I heard the blood flow through my veins, after a few moments of absolute silence, my body recovered energy, I began to move slowly to cause no accident on me. Once i feel the power to put on my feet, i take the momentum and move the chair back for direct walk to my bed.

When I stood in that position for a moment, I could not move or simply my body felt I should not do it, a few moments passed and fear entered my being, I did not know what I was afraid of, but I began to feel Terrified. I did not know what to do but I tried to scream but from my mouth nothing went out, I could not speak or scream, I was trapped inside my own body, closing my eyes and on the edge of crying because of the immense fear that Caused me that feeling forced To my body to walk, Walking those little three meters from my desk to my bed were like thousands, increased by an unspeakable terror, and moving forward I thought I ran into one of the foots of the bed with with a Little relief i opened my eyes to throw myself straight at her. When i opened my eyes, i can only remember a horrible face, black eyes fixed directly on mine, half-open mouth that denoted a row of sharp teeth, his skin, as if it were made of some viscous matter or the rotten flesh . I just remember that I had it in front of me, face to face and before I pass anything else I fell faint.