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Stoopid Iz E3 2014
Well that was a fun E3. my biggest surprise was that i did not expect to be excited for Nintendo products. their direct event was entertaining, and the tree house live stream was a good look at their upcoming games as they showed actual gameplay (unlike most of the competition), plus the Smash brother tournament was quite exciting and i want more of that. i need a Wii U now. also some thoughts on: Splatoon- so it was like 5 minutes after i watched the Nintendo Direct and curiosity got the best of me. the internet did not disappoint. gotta say that this was one of the most interesting surprises out of E3. new IP , interesting mechanics, cool designs. seems like fun. Will play when i get a WiiU Bloodborne- what else can i say. i like that they basically set it as new ip and separate it from the souls game so this way they can try a new setting and mechanics. probably going to be the game that makes me get a ps4 . Amiibo- you just wait. Nintendo is playing this smart thou. basically trying out Amiibo on smash brothers , and other games, as a trial run. but once its in Pokemon. game over man, game over! oh my wallet will die a fiery, nuclear , death. cant wait.
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