#STOPYULIN Abstract Artwork ( Ashish Chamoli
Attention dog (and cat) lovers: This is a very short diary to help bring awareness and protest to the horrific "annual dog meat eating festival" that is about to occur in Yulin, China. #StopYulin2015

Over 10,000 dogs and cats are about to be tortured and slaughtered on a massive scale. The images are too graphic for me to bring myself to post but they boil dogs alive. They skin dogs alive. They butcher dogs alive.

They steal pet dogs from homes and breed them in mass. Then they pack dogs in tiny cages and strap them to motorbikes and trucks for days without food or water to bring them to Yulin for their torture and death at this most gruesome, cruel and barbaric "festival". View the images yourself at #StopYulin2015

This "festival" is so very cruel, so deeply shocking and horribly immoral for any human to celebrate treating any animal with such horrific cruelty.

No animal, livestock, domesticated or wild, should ever be treated in this horrific and barbaric manner. No pet should be stolen and sent to such a gruesome fate.

I know there are some readers who may want to draw comparisons to other livestock practices and question why domestic dogs and cats deserve different protections. That is another discussion, but I do firmly believe NO ANIMAL should ever be treated and tortured in this manner by any human regardless of the reason or "tradition".

All animals, whether domestic pets, domestic livestock, wild animals, should be treated with respect, compassion and kindness no matter how long their lives or what the purpose is for their lives. And the human race has a long way to go in this regard.

Having said that, this Yulin Dog Meat Eating Festival is too outrageous to not speak up.

Help this go viral! On behalf of my 4 rescue dogs and 2 cats, my goal is to reach out to dog and cat lovers to join in and help raise awareness and outrage over this horrific "tradition" and help put pressure on the people of Yulin, China to not tolerate, not support, not continue this gruesome torture of thousands of domestic dogs and cats.


Please watch: "My First Vlog"