Store Update (Stickers, Tote Bags, Sketchbooks)

I've actually been recently getting a lot of merch coming in for AN (Anime North), but I wanted to give a chance to online supporters to get some of my very limited stock before the con weekend. 

My store will be closing in three days (Wednesday evening) so I have time to set aside the stock and put together an inventory count before the convention. I'll also be putting up a catalogue for AN in the upcoming days!

Palette Sticker Set

I've had this idea running through my head for a long time but finally decided to put some of them to paper. The set includes 10 handcut stickers, all relating around the idea of palettes and swatches!

Tote Bags

I had some blank canvas bags lying around at home and finally decided to bring them to a local print shop to get them customized with my own drawings. I only have around 20 TOTAL of all designs, so they're incredibly limited stock. There are 3 designs!

PU Leather Sketchbooks

I know the grid notebooks haven't been as sought for, so here is a new restock of some sketchbooks.

I haven't done a run of this type of cover in a while, but decided to use the same wide A5 format and do some custom covers. Most of the designs are drawings that I have printed on other merch before, but I thought they would make nice cover designs.

I also did a reprint of my old productivity cover because I think it would be nice to bring with me to Germany when I head over for Dokomi in June.


This is a hasty and short update, but I hope everyone has been doing well! I've been working on a few draft posts and trying to push them out soon, so thank you all so much for your patience.

If you are interested in any of the items, you can find them on my store at the link below: 

Thanks for reading! 

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