To everyone who bought my first poetry zine - thank you! I have just shipped the first round of orders to everyone.

The Lavender Linen version was extremely popular, so it is now temporarily out of stock until I can print some more. No one has bought the Verdant Linen version, even though it's my very favorite...

Pricing Adjustments and Discounts

Upon double-checking the printing and shipping costs as well as the Square online store commission, not to mention my own bank account, I've decided to bump up the price of the zines online from $3 to $5. The old price just didn't even cover the time and labor it takes to actually process and mail each zine. Square will only let me do a flat rate for any and all orders made for any and all products ever sold on the store, which means that while a single zine may cost $1.50 to mail, ordering multiples or any larger products would end up getting much more expensive. Keeping the shipping price at $2.00 will be a good middle ground to subsidize some of the more costly shipping fees.

However, if $5 is out of your price range and you are a local friend, I would be more than happy to accommodate your needs. Additionally, I will be shortly launching some special discount codes for you, my lovely, loving patrons. Here's the lowdown:

Each Patron tier will receive their own discount code to take off a percentage from their entire order on anything sold on my Square Store. I can manually verify that a code is being properly used so there's no need to spread it around to non-Patron. I will distribute these codes via private Patreon posts, so stay tuned.

For now, the Friend Tier will get a 5% discount; the Subscriber Tier will get a 10% discount; and the Client Tier will get a 25% discount. Should be easy to remember!

Thank you so much for supporting my writing so far. Please feel free to let me know what you think of my first poetry book and if you'd like me to make more of them!