Stories of the Magic Disney Podcast Interview!

Hey guys! My interview with the Disney Podcast, "Stories of the Magic" is up this week! I wanted to share the link with you in case you wanted to check it out! 

Randy and I talk about tons of Disney stuff, and all about my music, cosplay, family, friends, growing up and of course, my Disney obsessions., among other things! Part 1 is live now at the link above, and I think he'll be posting Part 2 soon! 

Thanks again to Randy for the interview-I was so honored to be asked! I've been going back through and listening to all his past podcast with Disney legends, fans and castmembers, and they are so great!! So thrilled to be included! 

Btw today I got to go to Cinema Makeup School for a judging panel for their Next Level of Cosplay Scholarship Competition-it was such an awesome experience! They gave me a tour too and I felt so inspired being around so many amazing artists and teachers! I'll keep ya posted on the makeup stuff w/CMS as we go along! (-: Hope you're all having a great night! 

<3 Traci