Stories Through Sound: About Conflict
Conflict is Movement III, intended to come after both Balance Shift and Aftermath. If you haven't already heard those, I recommend checking them out as I reuse several themes throughout this piece! 

This composition was super rough for me to finish. A lot of my works are based around piano and melodic themes, and I wanted this piece to feel anxious, to represent battle being waged. I pitted the percussion, brass, and cello against piano, flute, and of course the solo violin, which has been popping up in each movement. The violin and piano parts are super persistent, appearing a couple of times with the themes from previous movements. But the brass and cello keep interrupting their phrases, until finally at the very end the interruption even dissolves the entire time signature (which has been fighting between 3 and 4 time the entire piece) into something new. 

That last violin tremolo that plays at the very end I sort of thought of as someone going "But wait excuse me-" only for the brass and cello to tell him to shut it again haha.  Mostly I think of Conflict as a story piece as opposed to a musical piece, intended to further the plot from Movements I and II. Anyway, I hope you appreciate the crazy! The links to hear it are below!