Stories Through Sound: About United
United is the fourth and final movement in a series, following Balance Shift, Aftermath, and Conflict. If you haven't heard those pieces yet you can visit my YouTube channel and check 'em out here: 

Honestly, both Conflict and United I fought my way through to completion. With Conflict, it was strictly me writing something complicated. United should have been easy to write...but it wasn't. I battled every note, struggled with all the melodies. What should have been simple turned into weeks of work, and three rewrites. 

Like, brain, what up?

After I finished the piece, I reflected on a couple reasons as to why this might have occured. First, I wrote it during the holidays, when all I really wanted to be doing was eating and spending time with family.  Second, my computer chose that week to royally poop itself at every opportunity. And third, it was a little strangling for me to commit to four compositions. I felt pressured to finish, and I think it stifled my creativity. Noted haha. Do not commit unless certain. 

In the end, as always, I learned a lot and I'm glad I finished it. As I said in my YouTube description for United, ALWAYS FINISH THE PIECE. ALWAYS. (Or whatever art you're doing). 

Feel free to listen to the piece here if you haven't:

Keep checking in for more music! 

<3 you guys!