Storm Inks, safety scan
Ok, there we go! I've been recording this a bit so there will be a time lapse clip of the work being done in part. 

This was a fun challenge, it's been tricky trying to nail down the look of BWS's clouds for the cover of X-Men #198. Here's that, what do you think? I definitely didn't want to copy him outright but did want the call back to those clouds to be on point. 

Feel like I don't have his relaxed ease in the lines but the energy works for what I'm after here.

I've always admired the way he rendered them ever since I first saw this book when it came out in 1985, I was in my last year of highschool [before being kicked out] and had been taking stabs at imitating his work off and on for a year or two already. 

I had been blown away by his stuff for a while. A couple years later I picked up a copy of ARKEN SWORD #21 which had an interview with him and a whole bunch of BW copies of his inks, and that sent me off into another year or so of trying to nail down his line.

He was one of several influences, the key I think is to have many in order to not be too derivative.

But I find myself even now years later coming back to his stuff and looking at how he did things in his best work, and marveling.

Going to attach the pages of his interview here from ARKEN SWORD #21 to help spread the love :).

Next process wise I have to add washes to this commission, and last will be white paint for highlights and lighting strikes you'll have seen in the pencils. That will be it for the original for Tyler.


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