Stormriders Book Trailer!
I present to you, my wonderful patrons, the first book trailer for Stormriders!

Why make a book trailer, you ask? A book trailer is a simple way to bring your story to life, even a mere snapshot of your story. My book trailer is really a teaser trailer, very much a snapshot. My primary motivation for creating the trailer is because I haven't yet given my heroine's voice a chance to be heard... she does not speak at all in the the first four chapters that are currently available to the public. Since Stormriders is quintessentially her story, I wanted to create something that hinted at the events to come, through her eyes. 

I should note, this video was created in Adobe Spark. Most of the photos used in the video were downloaded free of copyright and attribution via Creative Commons, from The remaining photos were incorporated via Adobe's stock collections and Adobe has attributed them accordingly.