Stormy waters
When I started the water I asked myself. What type of weather do we have today?
Outside my house it was overcast and dull.
The water on the layout would have to represent a stormy day. Even now, a week after the day we applied the gel. It is still curing and milky white in spots. 

As I write this I am planning the next video. With a bit of help from my friends, it seems the Ferris Wheel is now a thing. And that brings us to a small challenge. 5 review kits to build, The old bay district build, and now the Carnival boardwalk are all now residents of the shop-list.

Only real problem I have is the title Carnival Boardwalk. I want to title it with a real sounding small town name. There is more then one reason for a project title. If but only to have something to call it. On the other hand, also something to remember it by.

With thanks to the Patrons