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story 3 : free fall
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Dear patrons ,

(or "medicis," as I kinda might call yall from now on...? I dunno? do you love it? hate it? I'm trying it out), 

Here is my story "Free Fall." 

Password: gauri

E-formats: attached to this post. 

Suggested beverage pairing: cheap beer.

I love all my stories, but I love this one for its strangeness. It began with a very simple thought I had, once, landing in a plane at night and looking down at the city: that in those black squares, between all the lights, there was actually nothing at all. 

I thought, What would happen if I fell through?

And that's where this story came from.

I would love to hear your interpretations of it. It's that kind of story.

$10-$25 patrons: The booklets are in the mail to you! I discovered a typo in it after I sent them all, so, instead of rending my clothes in penance, any of you who spot it let me know and you'll get the audiobook for free :)

$25-$50 patrons: The audiobook email is coming right along behind this one, tonight. I need to get back to a wifi that's strong enough to upload the file.

And now, I am going to literally run to the theater where a short documentary about my brother's green burial business is screening, because I forgot about it until my Dad reminded me a couple hours ago. LIFE.

Much love and more soon,